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Hello, users of the biggest machine in history (the Internet). Speaking of the Internet, guess what? [url=http://internetometer.com/give/46954][img]http://internetometer.com/image/46954.png[/img][/url] Oops, wrong code
There. I have 2 Internets.

Well, life's not all about Internets, so let's see what I end up typing!
Google Sites Sucks
Did you know that Google Sites is dumb? It's also the service that Ethan and I use to run The E Tribe. It doesn't have a sites.google.com URL because I've attached it to Randomload.com, my Internet domain. My game To the Moon is listed as a Scratch project on this website. I would have it as a normal .swf file, but GSites is stupid and it doesn't let me upload the file. I then tried Google Drive, Dropbox, and Mediafire, none of which worked. So now I have a page with two test boxes and a very long error message